We Specialize In Church Stage Design

Creating worship spaces that meets the needs of an ever-changing culture has always been a challenge for churches. Each church is unique and has its own style and culture.  A great church stage design can help to set the tone and prepare people to worship. Stage design enhances presentations and entertainment. In its simplest form, it serves as a backdrop for the stage production. Some lighting effects can greatly enhance the corporate worship experience–others can be a distraction. Additionally, much can be done with lighting and creativity to transform the front area of your worship space to an area that enhances worship, and much of this can be done on a tight budget. Klein’s Handyman has the experience, skills and know-how to create stunning church stage designs on a budget!

Some Of The Handy-work We Do...

Lighting- Of all kinds

The lighting and light fixtures in any living room have a big impact on the functionality and enjoyment factor. If you’re looking to brighten up your home, we can help you put the finishing touches on your home or business. By having a new light fixture installed, you can create an almost instant transformation in any room of your home.

Electrical Repair

Whenever you need minor electrical repairs, Klein’s Handyman can inspect them and repair them so they are fixed right the first time! You don’t want just anybody messing with the volts, amps and ohms in your house.  Everyone needs some electrical work done at some time, but go with a proven winner, trust Klein’s Handyman for a job well done!

Patios & Decks

Your deck or patio is an outdoor extension of your home. But being exposed to nature, it needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep it a safe, pleasant place for entertaining guests.  A good outdoor space, either in front patio or backyard deck, should provide your home with even more enjoyment space per square foot.

Fan Installations

Keep Rooms Beautiful & Cool with a New Ceiling Fan. A ceiling fan improves cooling in summer and heating in winter.  If you’re considering adding a new ceiling fan to your room or have an existing one that is in need of repairs or replacement, Klein’s Handyman is here to help!

TV Entertainment

Hire The Right TV Setup Pro For The Job! Trust Klein’s Handyman to for all your  TV Wall Mounting, Sound Bar Installation, Home Media Projector Mounting, or Home Media Streaming Player Setup needs!  Affordable Pricing. High Quality Service. Fast Response. Call for a quote Today!

Drywall Repair

Whether you’re looking to patch a few dings in the walls or need to replace an entire panel, we provide the high-quality work your home deserves with expert drywall repair and installation services. We provide the high-quality work your home deserves with friendly, honest service every step of the way.

Doors & Windows

Do your home’s windows and doors offer the security, insulation, and curb appeal you want?  Whether you’re looking for new windows and doors or just want your old ones replaced, we will provide efficient and professional service that you want with the quality you expect.

Picture Hanging

While many may think hanging a picture is an easy task, those that have tried may disagree.  No one likes to see a crooked frame or hear that bang when it falls to the ground. For straight, secure, professionally-hung pictures in your home, give Klein’s Handyman a call!

Minor Plumbing

Sometimes the minor plumbing issues can do serious damage to your house, but not every plumbing emergency requires a call to a licensed plumber. Save yourself time and high cost and call Klein’s Handyman for your minor plumbing problems.

Furniture Assembly & Organizers

 Klein’s Handy Man makes the best use of your space by installing cabinets and closet organizers. We’ll even assemble new furniture and help you set it in place!  If you want honest, professional, and quality work – Klein’s Handy Man Service is right for you.

Interior Painting

At Klein’s Handyman we are known for our professional painting services, but we also offer a number of related carpentry services to better assist you on home and business improvement projects. We can take care of basic interior painting jobs and repairs.

Bathroom Remodels

At Klein’s Handyman bathroom remodels and renovations are a great way to give your home a fresh look. When done properly, bathroom remodels can have a healthy return on investment. Whether you want to install a new sink, a new glass shower door or an elegant tile floor, Klein’s Handyman can help!

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