Church Stage Design

Creating worship spaces that meets the needs of an ever-changing culture has always been a challenge for churches. Each church is unique and has its own style and culture.  A great church stage design can help to set the tone and prepare people to worship. Stage design enhances presentations and entertainment. In its simplest form, it serves as a backdrop for the stage production. Some lighting effects can greatly enhance the corporate worship experience–others can be a distraction. Additionally, much can be done with lighting and creativity to transform the front area of your worship space to an area that enhances worship, and much of this can be done on a tight budget. Klein’s Handyman has the experience, skills and know-how to create stunning church stage designs on a budget!

There are many components of stage design including:


This design is as old as the hills, but the influence of new trends has brought new designs to this budget-friendly decorating method. The possibilities are endless via different colors, materials, and sizes.

Backdrop Banners

These provide a portable and quick way to promote an upcoming sermon topic, conference, etc.

String Art Installation

A relatively new trend gaining in popularity is string art installation.

PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes can be cut and arranged in any motif or color. Use them to create an image, words or just a conceptual pattern. The material is also very affordable, so church stage design and decorations can be created with minimal expense.


Christmas Trees


Nativity Story

Falling Stars

Christmas Living Room